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Monday, May 14, 2012

the rose pincushion

This weeks creative prompt word is rose.

I like to make pincushions out of 100% wool that I pick up at resale shops and felt and am a firm believer that you can never have to many pincushions. Usually I fold strips in half and roll them but  have made roses before out of strips of ribbon so why not do the same with the felted wool?

First I made the rose by sewing a couple of strips together and rolling the folded strips, tightly at first (the middle of the rose) and then more loosely as it gets bigger - all the while tacking it down and scrunching it up with a needle and thread to not only hold it together but to make it have the folds. I then toke some green felted wool and cut 2 large leaf like chunks and folded them, scrunching and tacking with thread. Now it needed something to sit on.

to keep the recycle theme
I took a top from a
laundry soap bottle
then cut out a circle from some
brown home dec fabric
and put elmers glue all around
the inside of the cap and then
wrapping the fabric over the cap.

then more tacking with needle and thread of the rose to the
base (or flower pot if you will)

Voila! a pincushion rose



  1. Fancy! I like it! Tami In Denver

  2. Love it! I am so intrigued by felted wool, but AM NOT STARTING A NEW HOBBY!!! ;-)

  3. Jaye, you should try a small felted wool appliqué - you don't have to turn under and it would be quilting - not a new hobby, just exploring a new avenue in quilting:-)

  4. I've rarely seen a pincushion I didn't fact, that seem to run and grab me and I must take them home. Love your rose and the idea of getting wool at thrift shops and felting it yourself. I've done only a small amount of that, but it's a great way to get felted wool since you can't buy much in Vermont!