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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

mariners goddess

 Finally after 6 months of hiding my mariners goddess has arrived!

What should I call her? any suggestions?

there are words quilted on some of the rays, you can barely make out Joy in this one. Other rays have peace and love. My photos are not very good, took them this morning and poor light today.

Mostly due to this surprise this morning - mother goddess decided to frost my world with white frosting.

another WIP started last week, I had the background from last summer when I did some fabric painting, laying ferns on the surface and putting in the sun. Not sure where I'm going with this but so far so good.

This is another UFO from last year some time - I put it away thinking it was to dark, which I still think it is but  used Leah Day's database of quilt designs to jazz up the sky. This one is called posiedons eye and I really like it for a sky filler - makes it look windy or eerie or something. I still have to do a binding yet and I'll call it done. 

until next time - 
Quilt On!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

dancing with birds / artist statement

I finished this one I call "dancing with birds" and I like how it came out. I made it to send to a call to art quilt artists called dare to dance - an artist's interpretation of joy. It's for a collection to put into a book. I feel my quilt is good enough but unfortunately my photography is not so great and they need a good photo. I sent in this photo but I don't think it's of the quality they need - but what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained:-)

They also wanted an artist's statement which I did not have and made one using a worksheet method that molly brown suggests. Making an artist statement is not as easy as one might think but using her method of brainstorming helped. go here if you are interested .

I also sent in Max here, although he is not the right size they want - to me joy is playing ball with a happy playful dog. Whoever invented those ball chucking things is a genius!

Quilt On!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Joyful Jenny

I'm almost done with this dare to dance quilt

That sky fabric was purchased, isn't it great! I should have bought more.

It will be linked to the Friday free motion link from Leah day so I just wanted to mainly show off this desert sand filler that I learned from Leah's very generous list of free videos.

When I get the quilt done, I'll share more close up photos. Today is not the day to take pictures outside.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wed - Soccer Style

I finished a pattern / tutorial for the this cute little soccer quilt.

You can purchase it on Craftsy for only 4 bucks and download it right now ;-)
It's a quick and easy one but has a pretty good "cool!" factor.

I'm gave this fine lady a dress to wear today although she still has no head.

and quilted sand using Leah Day's desert sand for inspiration.

And the mariners goddess is STILL a UFO! Just the binding left and I WILL finish it soon.
(as soon as I get finished playing with my beach scene, I can't let that poor woman who lost her head look like that much longer. lol!

Quilt On!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

time to draw

So many of us say we want to learn to draw and then go whining about how we don't have the time and I include myself in such whining. That's why having a creative prompt every week motivates me to at least do one doodle a week - it is not hard to do. 


Suggestion that works for me - when I talk on the phone or am in a meeting, I doodle. 
Why not multi-task and practice your drawings then. Get over thinking it has to be a masterpiece - who cares! It's the doing that counts and I at least get a sense of satisfaction that I drew something.
Try it !

Artquiltmaker does a good creative prompt  every friday - one word to be interpreted as you wish.