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Friday, March 30, 2012

Golden sun

The saga of the golden sun quilt:

I made this lake landscape and it needed some punch so I cut out the mariners compass from cheaters fabric ( no I didn't piece it, I'm obsessive but not crazy) I liked it but thought now the gold is to much, seems out of place with the rest. Aha! I have that awesome gold batik with the sunflowers in my stash.



Now this great looking quilt is for sale in my etsy shop

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Knife edge binding


I just finished quilting this simple yet beautiful (let the fabric do the talking) landscape and couldn't find a binding or border that would work. I saw someone on twitter link to a tutorial on knife edge or invisible binding and thought, huh! Can't settle on a binding color? Just don't do one :-)

The link to the tutorial is here at bloomin' workshop - basically you sew the binding to the front as usual but each side separately, sewing close to the edge as above photo before turning to the back and sewing down by hand. I highly recommend checking out the tutorial.

Here's the back all sewn down. If you leave the two sides of the top open, you could fit a thin dowel in there for hanging.

I like this technique alot but learned on this one, if I plan on putting alot of "stuff" - in this case yarn grass and ground cover - do it AFTER you bind. You need to steam iron the binding to get it flat and I couldn't really do it that good with all the grass making it thick. Although then I couldn't put a dowel in the bottom which I like to do to help it also lay flat because the dowel holder or lower binding would be sewn over. But then again, with all the grass, the weight of that should be heavy enough that I shouldn't need the lower dowel. The other problem with inserting a hanging dowel is the shadow created by the ripple from the dowel. See the shadow in the sky? I couldn't figure out what that was because it on,y showed up in the photos, but then realized it was a shadow.

Any ideas on how to hang a quilt using the knife edge border technique?

Happy Quilting!


Monday, March 19, 2012

color palette challenge march

The patchwork times has a color palette challenge every month where basically she gives you a photo with certain colors and your challenge is to make a quilt with those colors. If you click on the color pallette button to the right it will take you there. It's a great way to use different colors that you might not think go together but since it was taken from nature or at least something appealing (otherwise the photo would not have been taken) then these colors may surprise you. 

here is the march palette
you don't have to use all the colors and you can do whatever you want so I like the freedom of that
I also like the prize! Vicky Welsh has donated some of her luscious hand dyes. click here  to check out her etsy shop - really nice fabric

So this is what I came up with - the colors to me look like a rich Merlot, so I took a photo and changed it here and there and got most of the colors. gives the look of a wine cellar or something.
wine, cheese and bread - what more do you need?
I like how this came out and I think I may make another one - maybe make a pattern and tutorial of it as well 

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

cabin on the lake quilt

just a quick post to show off my latest finish - My dream cabin on the lake quilt
growing up in the adirondacks and now living near lake champlain I love the lakes but never had the pleasure of actually living on the lake. To get up in the morning and sit on my porch with my cup of coffee and gaze out at the lake is something I would truly love.............. well, someday:-)

cabin on the lake

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stown quilt done!


 Well I finished the special request of a logo or mascot or well not sure exactly - but it's done and I'm happy with it. I always ago I've over whether the customer is going to be happy with what I've made and this one is no different. I hope he likes it. I see things I could of done better but hopefully he won't:-)

 I've emailed him photos along the ways and he said it was "sick" which apparently means good. God I sound like an old lady!! Well this old lady can make one sick wallhanging;-) 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What the heck is it?


 Someone emailed me thru etsy and said he and his brother have a clothing line and wanted me to make a quilt of their logo (above) for a gift to his brother.  At first I said OMG! What the hell is it? Then when I looked closer I saw the faces (five of them, can you see them) and thought the middle looked like a bird. Now mind you, Brandon, the guy who's logo it is says it's a turtle with antlers so maybe it's an age thing because I just don't see that. At any rate I find this interesting and so far out of my norm and comfort zone that I just have to try it. 

 I started last night, went with a yellow green instead of the yellow in the photo - I think the photo is a version he sends to the embroider because the hat I saw with it on was a different color- anyway I took artistic license and there it is doesn't look like much yet. Looking at this photo i see the inner workings of a woman's reproductive system??? Carol, get that out of your head! 

Worked a little more this morning and now have this - coming together. Now taking an Internet and breakfast break and will post more as it goes along.

What should I use for a background? Dark? Denim? I've auditioned a dark blue and black but it didn't work.