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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP 3/27 a quiet moment

 To celebrate the new member of my family

(the left is my collie - her highness Abbey)
to the right is the newly adopted 
princess summer
(a nova scotia duck tolling retriever, we think)
Isn't she just the cutest dog on the planet?
I am making a new "Quiet Moment Between Friends" quilt with of course, a collie and a NSDTR. The pup on there could be a lab or any number of dogs with floppy ears like that but I know it's Summer and that's really all that matters:-) I'm working on making a pattern of this design, so will probablly be making a few of them - they go pretty fast and you get to play with sky batiks - weee- heeee :-)

 It's all done but the binding - should I do the same color as the border (left) or the inner border (right)
remember it will just be an inch or so showing - just the binding. I can't decide - what do you think???

 Putting the final touches on the

summer solstice stonehedge quilt. 
This thing has been fighting me all the way as some quilts do. When quilting down the meditator, the needle crushed and mangled her hands. 

OK, so she shall remain handless to protect the innocent, quilter (that's me)
So I need to cover up the mangled destruction and tried this flower but not happy with it. Maybe I find something, some "found object" as they call stuff that you find that's cool and just can't throw it away.
I'll look thru my "lost one earring so I'll keep this one just in case" box or button box or there's always the hardware store. I will find something that is so cool you will not know it's covering a mangled bloody hand.
Except you of course :-)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the professional tote - great bag!

I am not a bag maker - I can do it, but don't like it. With that being said, this bag was torture for me to make but worth every nail biting, teeth grinding minute. It is the professional tote and it is awesome!
The pattern is 10 bucks but believe me - worth it. You need the pattern to make this sucker, there are lots of pockets, zippers and hidy holes. You can buy it .here

Just look at all those pockets - the side ones are perfect for cell phone, water bottle, rolled up papers.

Look at my messy bag! lol! everything from my lunch to sewing and beauty supplies - I think I have a pair of hedge trimmers in there somewhere.  just kidding

So if you like to carry your life in your bag, this is well worth the time spent making it.
I used an upholstery fabric but probablly would not again - it makes it to heavy. Of course the 20 pounds of junk in there might have something to do with it.:-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

the hiker

I just finished "the hiker" and put up for sale on etsy.
Simple design but quilting the sky with posieden's eye quilting really makes it move - love how it came out. 
Go here to see how posieden's eye is done.

I've been spending alot of my time loving this sweet girl who I just got from Random Rescue.
She is a 9 month old mix and is extremely timid and scared of people so am taking it slow and giving her lots of love, reassurance and of course treats. I am in love with her already :-)

Stonehedge is at the binding stage so will be posting the finish soon.

Quilt On!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy #nqdsi!

First congratulations to Joyce, Marion, bizystitches and sewing stitches for winning a copy of the pattern of choice from my craftsy pattern store. I used a random number app to pick them.
So now today -

It's international sewing day, I have the day off and the quilt show has opened up most of its shows to all for free! There is a sew in on twitter #nqdsi to share in all the quilty fun you may be having today and quilting Jenny is having a giveaway so I'm chiming in with a copy of my "welcome my little chickadee pattern" to a random commenter. Tell me what you are doing quilt - wise today - and yes fabric shopping and quilt show watching counts ;-)

I just watched episode 111 with Ann Fahl on the quilt show. If you are a cat lover you MUST watch it. Go to the quilt show here to sign up for the free week end.


Even Summer (the sweet) is mesmerized by Alex and Ricky


I'll be working on quilting this. Yesterday my machine was fighting me all the way but last night I don't know what happened (the quilt demons must have left the building) but now she's purring right along.

Quilt on!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP 3/13/13


I can't take credit for this beauty - my mom is working on it on her camping trip no less.


Hand appliqué and hand quilted - nicely done :-)

Must be nice to be retired and be camping snowbirds in the winter - some day I'll get there.


Me, I've been spending the last few days fixing a big mistake above. I decided to try to make the sunrise sun with paint - WRONG!


But what the hell, ya never know until you try - it's just fabric, so I covered it all up making bigger shadows.

I think I'm going to do some quilting on it first before anything else is added -

any ideas on how to quilt this thing?



Friday, March 8, 2013

Blog Hop Party - pattern giveaway

If your new to my blog, or a follower, thanks for stopping by ;-)

Quilting Gallery is having a giveaway blog party that I'm joining in on - go here for more giveaways

My "thing" is making realistic appliqué art quilts (how's that for a mouthful)

I started out making other people's patterns, loved it and then moved on to making up my own.

Just last year I started making fuible applique patterns for sale with detailed tutorials to go along with them.


Here are two of my patterns


I'm giving away a pattern of your choice to 4 lucky winners! Go here to my craftsy pattern store to check them out. Just leave a comment telling me your favorite of the patterns and I will pick 4 names at random on March 15th and email them to you. Please be sure I can go to your profile and get your email address.

You can also get to craftsy by clicking the craftsy button and searching for landscapelady. I make alot more quilts than patterns so if you would like to check out some of the other art quilts I make go to my etsy shop here.

I also like to tweet about quilting so if you are a twitter person and like to talk about quilting, fabric, crafts and sewing - please follow me on twitter - I'm @quiltscapes there.

Ok, business out of the way, what am I working on now?
Well I started with this

Proceeded to do this


Ended up with this - and since I was going for a sky and decided it looked like pink mountains

I took it apart and made it into this - pink sunrise! Yay! but lots more to do...........


Making big stones and ground / lower sky...........

This is where I ended last night .............. Can you tell where I'm going with this now?

More to do - stone tops, stone shading

and a sun focal point. How to do that? ...........hmmmmmmm

Any suggestions?


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pink sunrise


This is better than the previous post / attempt at a pink sunrise. Thank you to Sherri and glen for the advice, I got my second wind from your comments and am on my way :-)

More to come ..........


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm trying to make a sunrise sky here and something is just not working. Since I just started the process I know it will come along. What do you think, should I bag that dark purple and just stick with the pinks?

Maybe it's the red that bothers me - opinions please? The reason I thru in that red is its a challenge and that's one of the fabrics I have to use but I can use it some other way.

The sky is starting to look like mountains to me. It needs to be put up on the design wall and I need to walk and sleep on it I think.

Another long term appliqué project. I got him this far, which took awhile and now have to leave him for a rest. I have some plans though - stay tuned. Good thing I have two design walls - (one is in the bathroom) I know, weird but it works , our bathroom is one of the biggest rooms in our house and I do sit in there from time to time:-)


Last but not least, this little bear UFO I've had for awhile and want to do something with. I think I'll quilt it first then add a tree or something after. Can you see the ferns that I sun printed last summer?

If you have never tried that - you must!

Thanks for the comments and any advice on that sunrise sky -

Quilt On!