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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The lake at dusk

Just wanted to share last weeks finished quilt "The lake at dusk" I love the blue and yellow batik - looks like a sky on a half cloudy summer evening just before the sun goes down. You don't see the sky in this pic but it is the same as the water (the water being reflected from the sky)

The woman's dress is painted and her hair painted then thread sketched over it. The tree is strips of fabric twisted to give some dimension, then quilted down, with little bits of contrasting fabric thrown in for knots or shadows, giving more of a look of a tree.

The sailboat started out just fabric, then didn't look right so I painted over it and used thread for the mast and the bottom part.

This is of course for sale on etsy if anyone reading this is interested.

On another note, the above is the color palette for may and these bright primary colors are so far out of my comfort zone I'm at a loss right now on what to do.

Any ideas?



  1. Try some small 9 patches or improvisational strip piecing just to get your sea legs. working with them will make you more comfortable.

  2. Yes, thanks I just need to get the colors out and play - take the plunge!