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Saturday, June 22, 2013

New blog - different name - same quilty and life news

I have moved my blogging to a new address and name Landscapeladyblog

Go to

I do enjoy comments and feedback so much so I hope you will follow me there as we go thru the journey together :-)

Thank you!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Strawberry pincushions

Today I have the day off, it's raining - the perfect strawberry pincushion making in front of the tv stay on the couch drinking coffee slacker day. Here is a link to the pattern I'm using today.

Basically to take a half circle as your template, sew up the side making sure you curve alittle at the pointy end so it won't be to "pointy"


Turn inside out and do a running stitch with a double strand of strong thread




Stuff and sew shut securely


Cut the funny looking udder like leaves out of green felted wool.


Roll up the end


And sew to the top, adding a few more leaves as you go. This plain felted wool one, I added small headed pins to look like seeds.


And here are a couple made with regular cotton fabric.


Cute rainy day project.

I think i will try selling these at the Vermont Quilt Festival consignment shop at the end of June.