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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The zen of machine quilting

I am participating in free motion quilting challenge organized by sew cal gal and I entered the link to this blog on her challenge page. After I did that I started thinking that maybe I was supposed to wait to put my link there after I had posted what I did for the challenge - the fruits of my machine quilting labor, if you will.

So if you are looking at this post looking for that I apologize - I will have my practice pieces up later in the month. But I will share my zentangles quilting adventure with you so your trip to my blog won't be a total loss.

I heard about the zentangles craze and thought it was pretty cool, and when I saw people were doing it with machine quilting a light bulb went off - I could do this!
Basically I googled royalty free zentangles to figure out how to go about this and then drew out the image I liked with pencil on white fabric. Then draw lines to make separate little quadrants that then get filled in with the doodles of your choice. Having sat through countless hours of boring meetingss in my work life, I consider myself a pretty good doodler. Then just play! I must say they are right you can really get lost in this and it's very enjoyable.

So I guess I had better get going with my challenge practice so I can post something. If you don't know what I am talking about and would like to check it out go to

If you are a quilter you can't go wrong trying this challenge- it will only make you better:-)

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  1. Beautiful Zintangle. To clarify, the goal of the 2012 FMQ Challenge is to not enter ASAP, but to practice the FMQ design during the month, master that design, and then enter.