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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free motion quilting challenge January

I'm participating in a free motion quilting challenge. Basically each month a different teacher shows a video to show you tips or a motif to practice. January was a heart shaped leaf. First I practiced on paper and then practiced on a piece of fabric backed and batted as a quilt would be.

What did I learn? Well first of all practice, practice, practice. After awhile you feel more confident and it shows in the quilting. When I started it was tight feeling but after awhile my quilting flowed and the stitches were better. I was able to quilt the leaves upside down and sideways. - no problem.

 The biggest thing is to get a practice piece before quilt on your project. It takes some playing with the tension to get to right to say nothing of getting the right needle for the thread weight. Above is where I started and you can see the pulls, snags and general nastiness on the back. You don't want that on you good quilt that you spent many hours piecing together.



 After getting all that down I was off and running, pedal to the metal! After the practic piece I used the motif on everything that I quilted this month. Above is part of a valentines zentangles art quilt.

  Another zentangles - this one for the tangerine tango challenge.

 And last but not least - a mug rug made with scraps and a big ol button from my grandmothers button box.

I'm looking forward to february to see what the next motif will be - join in if you dare!

Happy Quilting!


  1. That is a great way to get practice in...good job!!

  2. I voted for your Chickadee....just wonderful..Good fmq, too.

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  4. Impressive free motion. I voted for your Winter Chickadee today. Beautiful!