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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

trout fishing in america

trout fishing in america
17" x 15"

I finally finished my rainbow trout quilt! for some reason this has taken a while, maybe because it was one among about 5 other projects going at once and thru the holiday season there are gifts to make etc. 

this was fun to make after the initial putting the fish together which was tedious. I like how the river weeds sort of twist and turn - a method I learned from Christine Fries. At the lover right hand corner (the actual quilt it's middle lower) I put some yarn fibers to look like the bottom of the river.

I don't really like the way the photos came out but with no natural light to be had lately I have to rely on those energy efficient bulbs that cast a weird glow. I have lots of them but it's a strange light. So the quilt actually looks better in person. I will try new photos soon. 

I also made a tutorial and pattern for trout fishing in america.  I'm going to be selling on etsy and pattern spot for only 5 bucks for the downloadable PDF. such a deal!


  1. OH wow, it is just fabulous!

  2. This quilt is fantastic. It is my favorite of yours to date. I think you may be under pricing your work here.

  3. Thank you Chris, I think you are probably right about the pricing, but first I have to find a venue to sell that people will see me. I'm looking into a couple of gallery shop type things in my local area. Need to get a few really good pieces in my portfolio first though. Thank you for the encouragement:-)