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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm trying to make a sunrise sky here and something is just not working. Since I just started the process I know it will come along. What do you think, should I bag that dark purple and just stick with the pinks?

Maybe it's the red that bothers me - opinions please? The reason I thru in that red is its a challenge and that's one of the fabrics I have to use but I can use it some other way.

The sky is starting to look like mountains to me. It needs to be put up on the design wall and I need to walk and sleep on it I think.

Another long term appliqué project. I got him this far, which took awhile and now have to leave him for a rest. I have some plans though - stay tuned. Good thing I have two design walls - (one is in the bathroom) I know, weird but it works , our bathroom is one of the biggest rooms in our house and I do sit in there from time to time:-)


Last but not least, this little bear UFO I've had for awhile and want to do something with. I think I'll quilt it first then add a tree or something after. Can you see the ferns that I sun printed last summer?

If you have never tried that - you must!

Thanks for the comments and any advice on that sunrise sky -

Quilt On!



  1. Your sunrise does sort of look like mountains. I think you need to go on and out the land in and see how that affects it all.

    I did spodosols sun prints a few years ago. It was nice, I did watch pieces and made a "time piece".

  2. google 'red sky in the morning' and look at images..all your colors can still be in your picture. You just need to rearrange them a tad. Focus on where the sun would be coming up and keep everything light around it and darker as you go along.
    Just my humble opinion.

    The dog reminds me of a white schnauzer...if there was such a thing.