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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP 3/27 a quiet moment

 To celebrate the new member of my family

(the left is my collie - her highness Abbey)
to the right is the newly adopted 
princess summer
(a nova scotia duck tolling retriever, we think)
Isn't she just the cutest dog on the planet?
I am making a new "Quiet Moment Between Friends" quilt with of course, a collie and a NSDTR. The pup on there could be a lab or any number of dogs with floppy ears like that but I know it's Summer and that's really all that matters:-) I'm working on making a pattern of this design, so will probablly be making a few of them - they go pretty fast and you get to play with sky batiks - weee- heeee :-)

 It's all done but the binding - should I do the same color as the border (left) or the inner border (right)
remember it will just be an inch or so showing - just the binding. I can't decide - what do you think???

 Putting the final touches on the

summer solstice stonehedge quilt. 
This thing has been fighting me all the way as some quilts do. When quilting down the meditator, the needle crushed and mangled her hands. 

OK, so she shall remain handless to protect the innocent, quilter (that's me)
So I need to cover up the mangled destruction and tried this flower but not happy with it. Maybe I find something, some "found object" as they call stuff that you find that's cool and just can't throw it away.
I'll look thru my "lost one earring so I'll keep this one just in case" box or button box or there's always the hardware store. I will find something that is so cool you will not know it's covering a mangled bloody hand.
Except you of course :-)


  1. Adorable dogs and love what you did. Love the characterization.

  2. Hmm...I'd probably either face the quilt (I know, not a given option) or use the one that matches the outside color best. I think the purple would distract too much from the scene in the middle. It's adorable, by the way.

  3. |LOVE THOSE DOGS! Yes, home run!

    LOL. I understand about the rose thing, i have yet to sew down my swimmer and walker and that is one of my concerns. The very small parts getting eaten by the machine.

    I like the same color, it does not detract from the picture by moving your eye outward. those dogs are just too cute, they made me smile!

  4. My pups deserve a quilt about them... yours are so lucky that you captured the moment.

  5. Love the dog/wolf combo. I second the motion for using the fabric on the right, not the purple, for binding that quilt. Thanks for the eye candy! :D