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Saturday, March 23, 2013

the hiker

I just finished "the hiker" and put up for sale on etsy.
Simple design but quilting the sky with posieden's eye quilting really makes it move - love how it came out. 
Go here to see how posieden's eye is done.

I've been spending alot of my time loving this sweet girl who I just got from Random Rescue.
She is a 9 month old mix and is extremely timid and scared of people so am taking it slow and giving her lots of love, reassurance and of course treats. I am in love with her already :-)

Stonehedge is at the binding stage so will be posting the finish soon.

Quilt On!


  1. She looks very happy, you must be doing it right! Take her on walks and let her see that other prople are not going to hurt her. Rescue dogs have a tough time with people hitting them and trying to get rid of them.

    She will love the walks, you will bond with her and she will become more comfortable with the area and people.

    Your hiker is wonderful, thanks for the info about Poseidon's Eye

  2. Oh, When I lookd at her again, she looks just like a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Look it up!

  3. Well she isn't camera shy. :-) The hiker looks terrific....hey maybe he (or she) could use a doggy companion.

  4. The Hiker looks amazing. Your new house buddy is adorable, I'm sure that she will come around soon, probably a bit of a shock to the system being moved from one place to the next.