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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the professional tote - great bag!

I am not a bag maker - I can do it, but don't like it. With that being said, this bag was torture for me to make but worth every nail biting, teeth grinding minute. It is the professional tote and it is awesome!
The pattern is 10 bucks but believe me - worth it. You need the pattern to make this sucker, there are lots of pockets, zippers and hidy holes. You can buy it .here

Just look at all those pockets - the side ones are perfect for cell phone, water bottle, rolled up papers.

Look at my messy bag! lol! everything from my lunch to sewing and beauty supplies - I think I have a pair of hedge trimmers in there somewhere.  just kidding

So if you like to carry your life in your bag, this is well worth the time spent making it.
I used an upholstery fabric but probablly would not again - it makes it to heavy. Of course the 20 pounds of junk in there might have something to do with it.:-)

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  1. I made this tote a few years ago and I agree it is a lot of work but a great pattern . So well written and quite easy to follow. I had the most problem with the zipper as my zipper was too thick and no way was my machine going over it .