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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wed - max is born

I'm making good progress with my portrait of a joyful dog that I have named Max.

I'm quilting him now, have to quilt the background and binding.

He's a yellow lab that just wants to play. Next week he should be ready to meet you:-)

I also have this UFO that I want to finish.

My problem is I screwed up the middle star and have to rip out and start over, something I hate doing.
I wonder if I can do a lot of quilting, like rays coming out and hide the skinny bottom part.
I will spend hours of quilting to avoid an hour of a redo, just hate doing the same thing twice.
What do you think? Should I just stop whining and redo?

I really want to finish both projects so I can start another I have an idea for using this luciousness.
Shall we make any bets on what happens first?


  1. Wow!! Can't wait to see your Max finished. :D

  2. His eye is so expressive! Looks great!

  3. Quilt the star unless of course, it is going to drive you nuts looking at it. There is a technique in one of the quilting arts magazines called 'ghost quilting'. You could try that. Love Max and really love that fabric at the end Mary Ann

  4. Ohhhhhhh! I can't wait to see that dog!

  5. Just make a new one! You can practice quilting on that one and see how it works.

  6. Love Max, regarding the star, who's to say it isn't supposed to look that way.

  7. Oooh, I have a yellow lab so I can't wait to meet your Max!
    Cath @

  8. I love Max! Can't wait to see him finished. The bottom fabric is gorgeous- what are you thinking of doing with it?

  9. Max looks great, can't wait to see him finished!
    I'd redo the star, but it's your quilt so if it doesn't bother you I'd leave it.
    That bottom piece looks absolutely yummy!

  10. I can't take my eyes off the EYE! This is going to be amazing!!! I would decide how crazy that star is making you!!!!