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Sunday, January 13, 2013

CRP/ wet / 5 x7

Artquiltmaker's creative prompt word this week was wet. I'm trying to take her word each week and make it into a 3x7 inch little piece of art. Motivation brought to you by fiber artists journey blog with her 5x7 challenge.

So I took this photo off the Internet.

Traced a rough sketch
Sewed a sky and beach, pencil drew the outline from the sketch, then filled in with paint.

Looking at the simple sketch as a guide, thread sketched in the details.
Here's where things went awry. I had to make water, so first I tried white but only had opaque and that was to light, so I tried a flesh tone. Just dabbing it. This is wet paint.
This when it dried. Not so great.
So a final ditch effort was using a Clorox bleach pen to make the white water flying spots.
This is with wet bleach.

And this is what I ended up with. Sort of looks like alien stars are attacking the poor thing. Lol!
It is no masterpiece but what fun to play and next time I want to make alien stars I'll know just how to do it.


  1. Great job on those alien stars! Too bad about the dog, I think the photo would have been a great piece.


  2. I used to own a Newfoundland. Huge and lots of fur. I thought your spots captured the spray affect perfectly.

  3. This was such a great idea! I really like what you have done!