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Friday, January 25, 2013

Mariners goddess WIP

I'm reaching out for opinions on how to quilt the dark background area of this quilt.


I've quilted her hair, outlined all the points and quilted the words peace, joy and love in 3 of the rays.

Hard to see but it's there.


I've got straight line "rays" coming out from the points.

My dilemma is should I fill these rays in somehow? I watched Leah Days video this morning on McTavishing and on one hand want to try it but on the other know it would take a long time to do.

Would it be worth it? Any other quilting suggestions that might be easier? Just leave it alone and finish?

I'm posting this on Off the Wall Fridays in the hope I get some suggestions. Thank you!

Quilt On!




  1. I'd just keep doing the rays, I really like the way they look with the mariner's compass! Your quilt is so pretty already!

  2. If you add any more quilting, I would just add a few smaller rays between each full ray.

    1. Thank you, this is really what I wanted to hear, I would like to get this one finished and move on:-)

  3. I like the different sized ray idea. If you want to try it, you could always just lay some thread on top to see what you think and then go from there.

  4. Love it! but then again, who wouldn't!


  5. I also would add a few smaller rays.

  6. No advice,but I love the contrast of the darker fabrics. :)

  7. The quilt is lovely as is so I don't think you "need" any more quilting unless you want it. I've dealt with something like this before and went ahead and added the more quilting only to find that I'd A: started and so therefore had to finish (for it not to look unbalanced) and B: that it took way longer than I thought. Something I've done since then is to take a sort of representative section (say for example a piece of that black fabric the same size as one of the rays) and quilt it separately as a practice. It will enable you to determine how long it would take for each ray (to know if you really want to put in the time) as well as how that fabric will look quilted down with whatever pattern/thread you choose (to know whether you think the outcome would be worth the time). Just a thought! I love the goddess in the star.

  8. I like how you've combined your figure and the traditional pieced block.

    The quilting looks nice the way it is, and I like the rays radiating out. You don't need to do anything more. If you like the look of denser quilting, you could mark out the rays and quilt densely between them so the rays would stand out in relief.

  9. I think I would add would add more quilting in the dark at least - with a design following the lines that radiating out to the edges like you've going. this is great!

  10. How are you doing? Are you making some progress with this or on your 5 x 7's? Looking forward to seeing what you've been doing!