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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Free moose silloutte pattern / WIP Wed


Go to my Craftsy pattern shop to download this free PDF pattern. Once you get the silloutte cut out it is really quick and easy, especially if you've done fusible appliqué before.

Merry Christmas!


The only thing I finished last week was the moose pattern and sample and the last of these key lanyards for the room cleaners at work.



We took a trip to see my parents for Christmas and used my sewing organizer which is perfect for driving. I always have to have something to sew by hand while on a long drive (as the passenger) and am always dropping and loosing my scissors, at a sharp turn - pincushion and stuff goes flying! Since its all weighted down it stays in place plus you keep all your strings ect. off the car floor.


Today I start a new project - all turned under freezer paper appliqué with 70, yes count em, 70! Little tiny pieces. I consider this an exercise in patience if not stupidity .


At least I have a helper;-)

And if you tweet, there will be a Boxing Day sew in today. Hash tag #BDSI

I am @quiltscapes and follow mostly quilters - it's a great way to Interact with like minded people

(Or should I say "quilting obsessed" people ;-))))



  1. Love the sewing organizers idea for the car. Too bad I'm usually the driver so can't sew while travelling although I read somewhere that Jinny Beyer takes hers with her and sews when stopped for lights etc. no, I think I'll pass - I'd forget to keep an eye on the lights!

  2. Thanks for the moose! I am heading there right away! What a great picture of your helper. I have McGee, who unhelps.

    glen: is that a word? It is NOW!

  3. You have some great projects! And the best little helper...thank goodness! I really love the dashboard organizer. Great idea.