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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wed 12/5/12 Kennel quilt finish

Finished the disappearing 9 patch kennel quilt. My boss and I share a love for our dogs and she has a yellow lab named Gretzky (I know the name is sad but her husband is a hockey freak). Gretzky sleeps in his kennel or crate (his choice the door is open) and I made this for him for Christmas. My boss does not get a present - her dog does :-) the quilt ended up at 32" square, not knowing the size of his crate, I just hope it fits. I have no experience with dog crates / kennels so if any one has any suggestions on sizes I would appreciate any insight. I did a lot of close stippling so it should be really comfy especially after washing. That's another question I have - do you wash your quilt before giving or selling it? My only experiences have been art wall quilts which are not but have heard of washing first before sending them out into the world.

What do you do?


My WIP is this

It's supposed to look like this



I had to rip out two mistakes and filled the weight bag to much so am having trouble stuffing it

BUT once I get the technique down, the next one will be easy. I feel I need a couple of these and Sew Mamma Sew has a free tutorial for it, go here to check it out. Next week I WILL have a few completed ones to show.

Happy Quilting!



  1. Isn't this a fabulous pattern? I made one last year, and now that I see yours on a sofa, I really could use another up here by the TV for my hand-work. It would sure look much nicer than the Rubbermaid bucket! lol (And you'll be glad you filled it that much. Mine was full but not stuffed-to-the-gills, and I think it would be happier with just that tiny bit more weight.)

  2. I love the kennel quilt. Personally I would wash it. I usually do before I gift my quilts. Gets all the nasties out and softens it up a bit. Plus, if something disastrous should happen, at least I did it, and not the recipient.

  3. Gretzy will ike the quilt best if it is soft. I love that the dog gets a quilt and not the person!

  4. What a nice gift. I am sure the size will be fine, though like you I have no experience with crates.

    I would wash it. I don't wash my wall hanging size quilts, but generally anything larger.

  5. Very nice quilt. Yes, I always wash my quilts before they go out into the world. For one thing, I always mark all over them with water soluble markers, and also, we have cats, so I want any fur to be gone. I also like them all crinkly, and I want to be sure that there are no bleeding or loose thread issues. Nice clean, crinkly quilts from me!