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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ausable point campground

Ok, one last "what I did on my vacation" post, then back to quilting.

I've been living right across the lake from this jewel for 30 years and never knew it existed!


No, this is not Florida. - its Lake Champlain on the New York side at dawn.

This is the campground beach


Same spot looking the other direction. Best part about this beach - you can bring your dog!

Although mine is a water wimp


The sunrise on the beach


There are campsites on the beach and on the calm kayak, canoe friendly river that flows into the lake. My mom and I took the canoe down the river but I didn't bring my camera. It was really nice and peaceful with lots of ducks and interesting mirror images from the calm water.


The river is on the right of this photo - I then went to the beach to watch the kite boarders. It's hard to see in the photo above but they surf being carried by big kites - crazy but looks like a blast.


Here you can sort of see the kite


Somebody built a "driftwood village"


I was supposed to stay two nights but since I don't sleep well in a tent, I bailed the second night. This was a Hathaway family reunion week end, so was able to see a lot of my relatives I only see once a year and am so glad they picked this spot. Hopefully will be a tradition.

Since I only live an hour and a half away, I drove home after dinner and caught this sunset on the ferry back to Vermont.


Perfect end to a perfect day


  1. All those pictures are so beautiful. I love sunset and sunrise pictures and take them on every vactaion. They are the beginning and the ending of each of my books.


  2. I could just feel the calm come over me, looking at those pictures. I love a beach no matter if it is ocean, lake, river, or pond! (do ponds have beaches???) Anyway, it was very soothing to look at these!

    The driftwood village made me wonder if our ancient ancestors ever took time to make such things? Did they have leisure time to do artistic expressions other than cave paintings? I hope so. :)