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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

staycation day

I don't know if it's my age or the fact that I live in a really nice area in the summer but I relax and enjoy more going on an outing right here than driving somewhere after packing and planning for days, doing and seeing, then driving back only to have to unpack just in time to go back to work.  If Vermont had an ocean it would probablly be the best place in the U.S. to live but then you can't have everything. 
Yesterday we went to a little known State Park called Niquette Bay, only 15 minutes from home and it was fabulous! Of course 77 degrees, low humidity and sunshine didn't hurt either.

After walking a half a mile thru the woods we came out at this little beach, one of the few beaches that you can bring your dog and of course I had bring my girl Abbey, even though she's afraid of the water.

After a picnic lunch, I wanted to explore some more, so took these scary looking stairs to the sky

Well actually a well marked trail thru a wonderful birch forest 

this is also an off leash area for dogs so they love it

this looked like the birch tree graveyard

then after going up a ridge and down again I came upon this cove - perfect for jumping in to cool off

for the more adventurous - on the other side of the cove there are cliffs to jump off

Way more than I can handle, but I enjoyed the view.

all and all a great day and I highly recommend Niquette Bay if you are in the Burlington area - especially if you have dogs that like the water (or wimps like Abbey who just like to walk and sniff)


  1. I have a niece starting college at Champlain--I'll tell her about this park. Looks gorgeous! Maybe I'll get up to visit her at some point and we can do a meet-up!

  2. Looks like a gorgeous place to rejuvenate your soul!

  3. Thanks for sharing your outing, loved the pictures

  4. Lol, Abbey! I had a Labrador retriever who HATED to get his feet wet! Your getaway looks fabulous!