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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sun print experiment

Quilt rat, one of my favorite blogs has a really good tutorial on how to sun print. Go here to check it out.

She mentioned that she had heard you can only use seta color fabric paints and I had heard that as well, so since I had a couple jars of jacquard and lumiere fabric paints and the sun was out - I did a test.

First the jacquard paint, notice the sea salt thrown on there, I really like the effect of that


An then some Lumiere which is a metallic iridescent fabric paint


After an hour or so, the jacquard seems to work just fine


The lumiere worked as far as doing the sun printing but being that it's metallic and shiny, and all I had was violet and white (I should not have used white since my base fabric was white) I didn't like the results. I am going to go in at some point and do some painting of these leaves later so maybe the look will improve when I do that.


But anyway the moral of this story is that the rumor that you can only use seta color paints to sun print was no doubt started by the makers of seta color ;-)))

Don't get me wrong, I love their paints and by all means if you have a choice get them, but if your local art supply store only carries jacquard - their paint is just as good. Both are good quality.

I don't want to be a "paint snob" and say the stuff you buy at joannes won't work because I haven't tried it, but maybe that should be the next experiment. If you have some of that joannes fabric paint, slap some on a piece of fabric the next sunny day , lay on some leaves and see what comes about.

Let me know :-)


  1. Wonderful results! and yes...I, too, LOVE what those salt crystals do. Beautiful effects. So I guess we will be taking a second look at our supplies and what we can do with them :-) know, we should never listen to rumours LOL!!!

  2. What are those yellow things on the purple? Oh, wait, I think they are pin heads! LOL. I see where they printed in the sun as well.!

    At first I thought they were cantalope seeds.

    glen: i am hungry now, time for a snack!