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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Postcard from England

A little while ago a fellow quilter friend that I met on twitter talked about postcards that she makes.I asked her a couple questions and she gave me a few tips on how to make them.

I got the mail today and look what I got!

I am just blown away at the generosity of this woman to say nothing of my awe at her talent. It's all thread work! Just amazing .

Look at the detail!

This is the back and although this was in an envelope ( it came all the way from England after all)

She says you can mail them. I am going to put this in my office at work so I can look at it every day to remind me what kind people there are out in the world. Sometimes with all the madness I forget that.

Thank you so much Angela!

Her blog is here If you want to say hello :-)

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  1. You definitely can mail them! I've mailed many of the ones I've made and haven't had a problem yet. They go for the same price as a first class stamp. Don't let a postmaster tell you he/she can't mail them without an envelope. It's not true! Make some; they are so much fun. Think of them as mini-quilts.
    Marsha in Ascutney, VT