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Sunday, April 22, 2012

arrangement - a word of art

Jaye of artquiltmaker fame has a creative challenge type thing to get you to be creative, think out of the box and practice your sketching / drawing skills. Apparently she has been doing this for quite a few years now (and where have I been?) anyway I finally found out about it and want to try........... and play :-)
She gives you a word and you make a work of art in any way shape or form you wish, taking that word and showing it in your art. I just got paper 53 which is a sketchbook app for my i pad and spent a very enjoyable rainy afternoon playing and sketching with it. My drawing abilities are not very good, especially with the i pad, but that is the point of this whole exercise isn't it? To do and improve by doing ;-)

 So here is my thought process with arrangement - could be flower, personal, musical or even funeral. I think music and thought about making a small art quilt with the word JAZZ as below, (having two Z's)

unfortunately my saxaphone looks like a pipe and my clarinets look like a cross between a flute and a bugle. I even went so far as to cut them out of fabric thinking that would make them better - NOT!
So I bagged that idea and just went with the sketching - more fun on a rainy afternoon anyway :-)

This is sort of a jazzy zentangle type of thing - there's that pipe sax again!

And for some reason when I think of musical arrangement I think of Henri Mancini 
and the pink panther theme :-)
This was fun - thank you Jaye!


  1. So glad you played along. Your response is perfect because it got you thinking about moving beyond one word to other works of art and it got you try out something new. Nice work!!!

  2. I love what you have done...