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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wed 11/14/12

This week my mom is the first photo - it's a WOW WIP!

Love those jewel tones, if you look close you can see where she is going to quilt the black areas.

It's a Celtic braid design - nice.

And of course her mitered border is perfect (unlike mine would be)

Now that the fun part is done, we will see how long it takes for her to quilt it;-)


This is her finish - its from a pattern kit called "up north"

I love. It but she says its full of a lot of glue and layers of fabric and is really heavy.

She says she will never do another, apparently it's a different process than the usual fusible or freezer paper appliqué and she didn't like it. It came out good though.



I'm working on a new design (or two) hopefully to eventually make them into a PDF pattern and tutorial to sell on craftsy. Above is the first and I'm not thrilled with it - needs some tweaking. The creature in the tree is alittle weird but I may like it better once its quilting, that will add more definition. First I was going to make a honey pot but not sure. Also I think the background is not enough contrast. I will make another before I decide whether to go forward with a pattern. What do you think? I would love any input - constructive criticism is always a very welcome thing. I know there is something I don't like but can't figure out what it is.



The other is a chickadee that is still only in the beginning phase. I'll have more to show in that next week, so stay tuned!


Happy Quilting!

and happy national button day on November 16th (who knew!)

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  1. Cute, cute bears. :) LOVE your mom's Celtic top!!

  2. Your mom has a wow for sure!! I have been eyeing that Up North pattern for quite awhile. Perhaps I don't want to get into that afterall? It looks beautiful though. I love your bear quilt!

  3. Your Mom's quilt is awesome! I love jewel-tones too!

    On your quilt...and I am NO expert but just off the cuff here:
    I love the bears and assume eyes would be added?
    I love the tree and the way you used the fabric to make it. Perhaps some dark thread outline would give more contrast to the edges of that tree, IF you wanted that type of look.
    I like the horizontal background behind it all.
    I cannot make out the creature in the hole in the tree. It looks kind of like a porcupine. I would put an owl in there, but I happen to be partial to owls. :) It could have one eye open and one closed, as if the bears were bothering it in its sleep.
    I like the tree on the right, but think it needs more contrast or perhaps some dark green highlights.
    I am not as fond of the rocks on the left. I would put another tree there, either the same species as the one on the right, or a different type of tree. Also in the tree theme, if this is supposed to be an autumn setting, I would make sure the trees matched that. The whole thing is autumnal looking to me.
    Finally, I love the rocks just below the tree.
    Those are just the first thoughts that came into my mind.

  4. Love your mum's quilt top. I recognise that pattern :)
    I like the new design you're working on. Especially the little creature in the tree. In its unquilted state it reminds me of the little dog-like creature from the Dark Crystal. Which isn't a bad thing :)