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Friday, November 30, 2012

The quilter in your life wants this ;-)

If you are not a quilter and have received a link to this post, then you know have a quilter in your life that has sent you this as a not so subtle hint - she wants this for Christmas, so surprise her.
(And wrap it in fabric please, preferably a batik)
I've been quilting for 30 years and have tried every free motion quilting glove known to man (and woman).
I am here to tell you that I have finally found one that I LOVE!
Machingers can be found online at quite a few places, I got mine at joannes (online only) for about 8 bucks.

They fit snug but not tight, are very comfortable, have tips that grab the quilt perfectly

And the best part, you are still able to use scissors, pull pins in and out and most importantly, drink your coffee while quilting without having to keep taking your gloves on and off.
I have nothing to do with the company that makes these, I just want to share a "good find" with my fellow quilters and if you are reading this blog you must be a quilter.
Below is a couple of links for those that may have been sent this post by your quilter loved one that you can order them

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love mine! Fair warning though--they can stain. I'm on my second pair because the fingertips got all black after some project I was working on. Don't recall now what I'd decided had done it. I tried washing but it didn't come out, and I was always afraid the stain would transfer so I ended up replacing them. I agree--definitely a great stocking-stuffer!

  2. I have not tried them. I tend to have trouble finding gloves small enough. I have the Fons and Porters glove that fit perfect and work great for me .....I currently have several pair. I eventually wear out the tips. Not really long fingernail friendly. :-) isn't it terrific when you find the perfect product? Happy quilting!

  3. I have tried them but can't stand anything on my hands when I am sewing....but if it helps you...fantastic!!