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Friday, June 8, 2012

Crock pot beans and chicken

This is Lyric Kinards recipe (she has a great artistic blog by the way) I made it last night and am eating it for breakfast - it is sooooooo good!

White Chicken Chili
1 lb dry white beans (or 4 cans if you don’t have time to crock it)
6c chicken broth (or water and bullion)
1 tbsps cumin
2 or 3 large chicken breasts (cooked if not crocking)
3 med onions, chopped
garlic – lots of it!
(crock it on low most of the day)
2 cans green chili peppers
1/2 lb shredded pepper jack cheese
lots of cilantro and sour creme to garnish

I love beans but have never mastered cooking them, I've soaked, boiled, baked - tried everything and they never come out tender and good. This recipe works! I used dried white northern beans and put in a large can of chicken broth, threw in the chicken breasts and the rest can be to taste. I added lots of chopped garlic, lovage, cumin, hot sauce, pepper, onions, a swig of white wine and an Italien pepper. Then crock on low overnight - it was probablly 11 hours. It's quick and easy, hardly any preparation and delicious.

Bon appetite!

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  1. Wow, your first combination is eye-popping! Fireworks on a summer night. The second one was the exact opposite. So maybe the two together are fireworks over a lake? (Lots of summer memories for me there!) Not sure what the third set reminds me of. I have discovered that doing this color study for me has both reacquainted me with some of the fabrics in my stash that I'd forgotten I had as well as shown me where I'm a bit lacking--yellows, like you. And lighter values of the blues, greens, and purples that I have. Thanks for playing with me on this!