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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What the heck is it?


 Someone emailed me thru etsy and said he and his brother have a clothing line and wanted me to make a quilt of their logo (above) for a gift to his brother.  At first I said OMG! What the hell is it? Then when I looked closer I saw the faces (five of them, can you see them) and thought the middle looked like a bird. Now mind you, Brandon, the guy who's logo it is says it's a turtle with antlers so maybe it's an age thing because I just don't see that. At any rate I find this interesting and so far out of my norm and comfort zone that I just have to try it. 

 I started last night, went with a yellow green instead of the yellow in the photo - I think the photo is a version he sends to the embroider because the hat I saw with it on was a different color- anyway I took artistic license and there it is doesn't look like much yet. Looking at this photo i see the inner workings of a woman's reproductive system??? Carol, get that out of your head! 

Worked a little more this morning and now have this - coming together. Now taking an Internet and breakfast break and will post more as it goes along.

What should I use for a background? Dark? Denim? I've auditioned a dark blue and black but it didn't work.

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