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Monday, March 19, 2012

color palette challenge march

The patchwork times has a color palette challenge every month where basically she gives you a photo with certain colors and your challenge is to make a quilt with those colors. If you click on the color pallette button to the right it will take you there. It's a great way to use different colors that you might not think go together but since it was taken from nature or at least something appealing (otherwise the photo would not have been taken) then these colors may surprise you. 

here is the march palette
you don't have to use all the colors and you can do whatever you want so I like the freedom of that
I also like the prize! Vicky Welsh has donated some of her luscious hand dyes. click here  to check out her etsy shop - really nice fabric

So this is what I came up with - the colors to me look like a rich Merlot, so I took a photo and changed it here and there and got most of the colors. gives the look of a wine cellar or something.
wine, cheese and bread - what more do you need?
I like how this came out and I think I may make another one - maybe make a pattern and tutorial of it as well 

Happy Quilting!