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Friday, December 2, 2011

The memory jar

This is a blog about my art quilting journey but the first post, since it's getting to be Christmas time is about the best christmas present I ever gave and received from my grandmother. She passed away this year at the age of one hundred and a half and right up until she died she could remember everything in her full life and loved to tell stories.
When she was a young 89 years old, for Christmas I took a jar and decorated it with ribbons and fabric. I then thought up 52 different questions such as "who was your favorite president." where was your first kiss? What is your favorite thing to cook? Did you have indoor plumbing growing up? (she was born in 1910 after all;)
I then typed up each question and cut each one out and folded it in half, sort of what you do in a raffle and put them in the jar. Next I purchased a blank journal for her to write in. I made up a poem that I can't remember now for the instructions but basically, each week for the next year she was to pick out one question and answer it by writing in the journal. Then next year for Christmas I wanted her to give me (her favorite granddaughter) the journal back as my present.
She loved it! She not only answered the questions, she pasted in old photos, newspaper clippings etc. I now have a cherished memento that is priceless. I encourage anyone that has a close elderly relative that likes to share stories to do make your own memory jar this year.

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  1. What a wonderful idea. You are so blessed to have these memories. I too have a cherished grandmother. She shared all of her childhood memories in writing one Christmas. Now all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have a way to remember this extraordinary woman.