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Monday, December 5, 2011

free articles from vintage quilters newsletters

This last thanksgiving my mother gave me stacks of old quilters newsletter magazines that she had been hoarding since the 70's. I can't believe she finally gave them up, they have been sitting on a shelf in my old bedroom, now the spare room - taking over most of the shelf. We both have hacked out different patterns through the years that we wanted but most of them are intact. My how quilting times have changed! I am going thru them and taking out an article here and there that I find interesting, but I am going to store them digitally because all spare storage space in my house is filled with bins of fabric like any good quilting household should be:-)

So I would like to share them with you. I have the articles in pdf files that I can't post here, but can put them on evernote (of which I highly recommend, but that's another blog entry) and when you click here you will be brought to the evernote notebook of the different files. That way (I think) you can also print them out. I'm going to test this to see if it works. Please leave a comment for me as to whether this works for you or not. thanks

 and just because this blog entry looks so boring without photos - here are some  pictures from my trip over to see my parents in early november - they live in the adirondacks in new york - so beautiful there, even in nov!

As of today, monday 12/5 I only put one file on to make sure this is going to work since this is my first time linking with my evernote files. I will be adding more after today and as a go thru my stacks will be adding in the weeks to come as well. 

this is abbey - isn't she beautiful - she is such a good girl!

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