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Friday, May 17, 2013

Off the wall Friday 5-17

Starting a new project but only have the bare start - It's going to be a zentangle in response to the word hope and I "hope" that I don't screw it up, now that I've said I'm doing it.

I've lightly penciled in a sketch and will outline all in black, then divide up some sections and quilt my little heart out, getting into the "zen" of FMQ ing.


I also need to work on some cupcake pincushions to sell at the quilt show in June. They've been sitting here for a month like this.


My mom just finished this fishing quilt - 540 pieced pieces! Did I mention she is a bit of a crazy person?

It's gorgeous and precise. She is such an accomplished piecer - great job, mom! Look at all the pebble quilting on the bottom brown part.

And this is all HAND appliqu├ęd and HAND quilted! Yes, people still do that and she does it very, very well.


We met today in Vergennes,VT and had a nice lunch in a park with a view of these falls.

Beautiful spot.



  1. Wow! beautiful quilts! You mom is indeed quite talented.

  2. I love zentangles, looking forward to seeing this complete. Your mum is truly very talented....and patient.

  3. Wow, you are so right, your mom is quite an accomplished artist! I love that fish. Ad the rocks are perfect.

    The pic of the falls is such a lovely scene, what a great p,ace for lunch!

  4. Your a very talented pair! I love your mum's handwork and zentangles fmq will be great in your sketch design :)

  5. They're all fabulous! I can see where you get your talent! It looks like you had an awesome time... Thanks for sharing!

  6. Enjoyed all the 'eye candy' and am inspired. but then I usually am when coming here :)

  7. Oh and now you owe me about $6 for the book I bought that has the cupcake pattern! :P

  8. love both your mom's quilts-just gorgeous and such detail. We were at the falls on Sunday for a bit, such a pretty spot