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Friday, May 10, 2013

A quiet moment between friends pattern

A Quiet Moment Between Friends


I finished my downloadable pattern for a quiet moment between friends - finally! It takes longer than you think to make a pattern / tutorial. The pattern part is easy, it's the tutorial with the photos and trying to get the directions down. I want to be thorough but yet not go on and on, which I tend to do. I try to think like the person reading this is a beginner so I may go into more detail than I have to but then I want beginners to be able to do this. With this pattern, in the beginning I laid out the basic measurements so that someone with a lot of experience in this type of fusible appliqué can just print the pattern and go.


Then after I finish, I like to make the pattern again from what I downloaded as if I purchased the pattern to see if it works. Above is the version with the cartoonish dog and cat. I'm still working on the binding yet.

I'm happy with how this pattern came out. You can purchase on craftsy here

Or etsy here

The cost $4.50 on craftsy and $5.00 on etsy (etsy takes a percentage and craftsy does not so I suggest going there) craftsy is a wonderful site if you've never been, I highly recommend it. Their video classes are worth the price and they do have some that are free.


While I'm on the pattern making kick, I am starting another one. This will be a simple lake landscape that can be embellished to the makers preference using cut out novelty fabrics. For instance the airstream and little cabin above.

This one I'm working on today, getting some of the measurements and photos together. It's a nice rainy quilty type of day off today so I can play with my "lakescape"



What! Does that mean no walk?




  1. Awwwwww! Way too cute!
    We have rain here, 3 inches in the early morning. McGee refused to go out, even though he had to! But he held it long enough for the rain to slow.

    I love this one!

  2. How nice! I know how hard it is for sure. There is a reason everybody doesn't do it! :)

  3. Great projects. Really like your small landscapes.

  4. Oh I agree......designing , creating and stitching is one thing.....trying to put it all into words that others can follow and understand is entirely another thing....I wonder if it gets easier the more you do?????

  5. Good look with the pattern!

  6. ohhh a really cute pattern! I know what you mean about making tutorials and patterns. I designed a mystery quilt for the guild one year and nobody really knew how many hours I made making it!