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Friday, April 12, 2013

Wool landscape

I'm linking up at Nina's off the wall Friday. Check out all the very creative quilters linked up there every Friday.

I've been experimenting with some of the felted wool I've been collecting.


This is a simple little landscape of lake Champlain where I live.

Wool is really good for appliqué, it doesn't fray once it's washed and shrunk and since its thick you don't really need to use batting.


Disadvantages include the limited colors you can find , it doesn't take paint well and my quilting stitches seemed to sink in so it's hard to see. I did try a thicker thread just below the mountains and it stood out more (note to self)

I tried melting some sheer fabric and then tacking it down for leaves but don't really like it much.
Any suggestions on tree leaves?
Hmmm, I just thought of the lazy quilters post last week showing her dryer lint from felting all her wool.
Wonder if that would make leaves / foliage?
Hmmmmmmmmmm :-)


Quilt On


Snowy April afternoon update - finished it!


Decided to add some yarn for foliage and it gave it that extra oomph needed. A vintage button from my grandmothers button box finished it off.

Now I can link up to Friday finishes :-)



  1. I have seen a technique on Quilting Arts tv where the quilter chopped up the fabric into confetti and stitched it down under tulle. The color variation was amazing. But...I like your leaves! They are each unique and look organic (as opposed to geometric - cut out perfectly). More color variation with warms and cools would draw more attention to the leaves, but that decision depends on where you want your focus to be.

  2. Love what you have done with the wool, but all your quilts are amazing.

  3. Your wool landscape is looking fantastic. I'm not sure if you'd like this effect or not... but you might want to give it a try and then applique it on if you like it. Take a cotton back and baste a piece of POLYESTER organza to it. Machine stitch it rather densely (could do little leaf shapes) with COTTON thread. Then use a heat gun on it. It will melt away parts of your Polyester organza, leaving bits and pieces and blackened edges. Could work? Hope you'll stop by Fiber Artist Journey and link up for Design Wall Weekend!

  4. Ohhhhhh! Wow! I scrolled through and don't have time to read, but it looks incredible! You go, girlfriend!

  5. ohhh leave it to a fiber artist to say - hey I haven't tried melting it yet - LOL! I love the difference in texture between the wool felt and the poly sheers - cool!

  6. I haven't tried melting it yet, either - at least not intentionally :)
    Nice and I suppose it feels good too? (virtual touch)

  7. Beautiful landscape ,I love to do landscapes but have never thought of using wool although I also love to work with wool. Great job!

  8. I am glad I saved all the trimmings from the wool prep I had been doing. Would you believe I did not think about using the trimmings for branches and such, on my art pieces? I still haven't made the lint into anything either. I haven't updated my postings either! YIKES where does the time go! lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog too.

    OH DUH, and yes yes yes, I like this little pice of yours! It is so RICH looking. I think that is the wool effect perhaps.

    I love the tree trunk and the whimsical sail boat. :)