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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have lots of things in progress and nothing finished, but this is WIP Wed - right? So I'm right on track:-)

This simple Lake Champlain landscape of the Burlington waterfront is almost quilted. I may want to add a tree or something yet but will decide after the quilting and trimming. I love that sky/ water fabric.

My twitter friends helped me decide on this yellow for a moon, but the red sky is just..... Well red

So I threw some paint on there to blend it, just a little. Still wet here, may be different when dry but so far I think it's better, not so "in your face"

This morning I started playing with some of the wool - haul from last week. I cut off just a sleeve from each coat, one pant leg to make it more manageable. We shall see what becomes of it. Experimentation shall ensue later today :-)

Well, this is taken later, since my original post couldnt be posted because of technical difficulties. Embellishing could be fun on this:-)

And of course my biggest work in progress is the beautiful "summer girl". I've learned she's a digger and I now have lots of holes all over my backyard , some of them with various dog bones and toys buried beneath. Thank you to my friend, quilter, blogger, and dog trainer extraordinaire - Glen for her advice.

Her blog Quilts and Dogs is a really good blog to follow by the way. She has this wonderful sense of humor that makes me smile.

I would link her blog here but I'm using this free app called craft draft since blogsy is crashing and I dont see how I can link with this. Google quilts and dogs - youll find her and youll be glad you did :-)

Quilt On!


  1. There must be some bad sunspot activity, nothing electronic in my house seems to be working. Thanks for the kind words about me and the ole blog!!

    I really like that sky fabric as well. Such a beautiful dye. Your wool is getting interesting! I never thought about using wool. It made me think of the home dec stuff Carrie brings me when they clean out the sample room!

  2. Stunning batik y picture, amazing what youve done with the fabrics.
    Interesting to see how your building up your woolly finds into a wonderland too and what a darling digger!

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