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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

wip wed 10/24

 oh so close, but yet so far! only half the binding to finish on the mountain scene I showed last week. 

I love how the sneakers came out :-) they are traced from a photo of my feet, then drawn on a light moddled batik fabric after applying wonder under 805, then cut out, fused down and then thread sketched over the drawn lines that I used a fine fabric marker to draw.

I liked this mountain scene idea so much I made another one - this is with cut out trees this time but the same sky - lighter mountains - have yet to quilt and bind.

the sheep I started awhile ago has had no progress at all lately - poor guy is still waiting for a barn to live in.
I have to decide on a color for the background barnwood - any suggestions?

now for my moms masterpiece, she didn't finish the one I posted last week, but look at her finish for the week  - how awesome is this! we are talking hand applique on all those bias stems and buds, perfect mariners compass points and that curly border thing - wish I had a couple of close ups to show. she is very precise with her quilting unlike her daughter (which is why I stick with art quilts)

now this is the ultimate work in progress - doing 4 of these puppies together for one amazing quilt. 
I couldn't imagine doing it, but it is gorgeous. 
Well done Mom!


  1. I clicked through because I thought your tennis shoes were awesome, but I love the sheep even more! He has such a good expression on his face-kind of a half grin! I vote for a dark reddish-brown background. Definitely something warm and high contrast to make him pop.

    1. Thank you for the input, I think reddish brownish barn wood would be great.

  2. Tennis shoes are MARVELOUS!

    Love your mom's piece as well.


    1. Thank you :-) when I reply here does this go to the commenters email or would they have to see it here (which once one visits, looks and comments why would they return) this is a test, so if you get this could you let me know. You are good about replying to comments and wondered how you do it as I would like to do the same. If I don't get an email from you about this, I'll assume you didn't get this reply and that means just a reply doesn't go to the commenter. Thanks glen:-)

  3. I second red barn boards...the red barn is classic. Love the mountain scene.

  4. I can't even tell you how much I love the one with the sneakers! What an awesome quilt. Your mom's quilt is stunning as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just love the sneakers on the mountain scene! I'm looking forward to seeing how your sheep quilt progresses.