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Sunday, September 9, 2012

storm sky and FMQ project update

Inspiration time

We had a storm last night and after the sky lit up in this weird eerie way, like God had a multi colored flashlight and was pointing it on our house - either that or some sort of toxic waste got loose because everything was bathed in a pinkish orange glow.
 kind of a rainbow without the bow - just all sky

Now for the free motion quilting exercises inspired by Susan Brubacker Knapp

On the right is the photo and the left is my interpretation - I know this is supposed to be for quilting designs but it's my nature to want to make it into a pictorial piece. It's hard to tell in
the photo but there are a million little pebbles
quilted in the background to make the leaves pop
and I outlined the leaves with a thick gold thread
(put in the bobbin)

this one, I learned not to use a thread that it
to thick and cheap because my thread kept
breaking due to so much heavy quilting. The aurifil thread I used on the next piece behaved beautifully. (It's still hard for me to dish out $11.00 for a spool of thread, but really it's worth it)
this also had alot of those little pebbles as
a filler - I never thought I would like them
but they are very effective in this type of thing.

this one is the first I did and my favorite. I didn't realize it when I picked the background and susan made a comment about the fact that it makes the background look like woodsy fauna that is out of focus but there and it highlights the foreground.
looking at it in the photo I can totally see that and will keep that in mind when deciding on future backgrounds - a good tip

I'm sorry the wording on this is all jumbled today - it looks good when I am writing it and then on preview and when published it's all crazy. I've gone in and tried to fix it a number of times and now I'm just going to leave as is - not worth getting frustrated over - I'll save that for when my sewing machine decides to act up on me ;-0


  1. Those skies are really dramatic. I love sunste and sunrise pictures.

    Your FMQ work is really looking beautiful. Maybe I will have some time to work this week. Last week was so emotional and so incredibly busy.


  2. Your fabric and thread choices are absolutely perfect for this project. Beautifully done! I've gotten as far as shooting a bunch of photos, hope to get to the stitching part soon. A fun project for sure.

  3. I really like your pieces. I can so relate to thread issues -- both breakage and cost -- right now. I love that thin aurifil thread for backgrounds and yours are wonderful!

  4. Wow! you did a great job! I have mine drawn onto my fabric, but haven't started quilting yet...I love your choice of fabrics and your interpretation of the pictures.