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Friday, July 20, 2012

Growth with seta color paints

I went to artquiltmakers blog today to see what the creative response prompt was (growth) and read her post about how she has a list of 26 WIP and is getting bogged down by the need to get them done thus not having time to create new works. I told her to throw away the list and then realized I am doing the same damn thing as she is. I have been working so much on my llama, that probablly isn't going to turn out that great anyway - I mean hours and hours, days and days , now weeks and weeks on this thing and have only gotten this far. Still to finish the barn wood and then tweak everything before I even think of quilting it.

Meanwhile I haven't created anything new for 3 weeks. Every time I take a walk and see ferns I think I should try sun prints. But what do I do when I have some sewing time - work on the llama.

So after telling Jaye to drop everything and create something new I thought I would take my own advice. I put away the gray beast and went to pick some foliage to experiment with.





This is also my creative response to the word growth - this being both depicting growth of various plants but also my personal growth of learning to sun print with the seta color fabric paints and learning that sometimes you just need go with the flow, toss aside the obligations and just do it!


I had some white cotton I got at a garage sale that was a vintage bedcover. I cut it up and basically mixed the seta color paints with water to be like watercolors, sprayed the fabric with water first, then slapped on the color at random. Then laid the leaves down pressing them alittle to make them stay, threw alittle sea salt in the mix and put it out in the sun to dry.

After the fabric is dry, take off the leaves and this is what you get - cool, huh?


This was fern leaves and some queens Ann lace - sort of looks like trees and stars in the sky.


I put some fabric underneath, figured what the heck and the paint is so wet it also affected the underneath piece the same way only more subdued - a two- fer if you will :-)


Same plants Different paint but every one comes out unique


The bottom fabric.


This was really fun and satisfied my creative craving. Now what will I do with these?

Hmmmmmmmmm - what would you do with them?


  1. Love sunpainting and yours turned out fabulous. Save your wipe up cloth, too, as it is usually a great mix of colors. Mine become art quilts or get thread painted and made into journal/ calendar covers.

  2. Very cool! I wanna give that a try now. I have no idea what to do with that,,,,I bet I would just hang it up and enjoy for awhile before cutting it up