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Monday, February 20, 2012

dog snuggle tunnel sacks

Sometimes I need a break from making quilts to make something quick, easy and mindless. Sort of a pallette or mind cleansing if you will.

A friend of mine has a daschund and wanted me to make her a snuggle tunnel bed. Apparently daschunds or "doxie's are notorious for burrowing under the cover in their owners beds. Not ever hearing of this I of course had to google and investigate, especially because it had to do with dogs and "how could I not know of this!" I should know of anything having to do with the overindulgence of the canine persuasion and had some fleece fabric sitting in my stash that was purchased on sale with no purpose in mind
and so this is what I came up with

some of the ones I saw on the internet were like a sack with the end closed, but I thought the ones with both ends open made more sense and seemed safer somehow. I wouldn't want the little guy to not have a way out once he was in there. Just in case you want to make one, they really are easy. The suggested sizes are as follows:
XS - $18.00 18' x 20" <8 lbs (toy)
S - $24.00 20" x 25" 8 lbs to 18 lbs (mini doxie and tweenies)
M - $30.00 25" x 29" <22 lbs ( two mini doxies or one small standard doxie)
L - $36.00 29" x 36" > 23 lbs ( standard doxie)

by the way a tweenie is a medium sized daschund

this one is out of some velour leopard print and brown fleece

So I have made two each of the above and am going to do one more, this time with the inside lined with a cotton sheet like fabric and fleece on the outside. I would think that would be more like a bed that these guys seem to like to burrow in so I'll give it to my friend to have her doxie road test it.

Phhhhhheeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Now that I got that out of my system - on to my art quilts! I already have about 4 different ideas, just need the time to do it. I guess starting would be the best way to go about that, huh? :-)

By the way I am so excited to have won the bali pops in the giveaway that katie's quilting corner did. One of the ideas of quilts I want to do is with those pops............................. more to come:-)

happy quilting (or snuggle sack making)

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  1. My BIL and SIL have a mini-daschund and I noticed how much he burrows when I last went to visit. You'll need to post a tutorial so I can make some for a Christmas gift! How very, very cute.